In December 2012, my Dad passed away due to complications from the bone marrow transplant he received to treat Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). I remember thinking how little emphasis there was on nutrition. He craved sugar. In particular, the Icee Freeze Pops I had loved so much as a kid (ALL sugar). My Daddy didn’t want to take advice from his little girl and didn’t want to inconvenience or burden anyone in our family.  The only thing I was able to give him was homemade granola with ground flax and chia seeds. He ate it on top of his yogurt, which was somewhat of a compromise because it tasted more like “dessert”. After he passed away, it occurred to me how great it would have been if he had access to healthy snack foods that were packed with nutrients, but weren't intimidating in portion size or ingredients. This vision has evolved into Karmatic Kitchen, providing nutrient dense snacks for sick and healthy alike. After all, prevention is better than cure. 

We specialize in homemade protein bars and smoothie preps. Our products are made with real ingredients and we sneak superfoods in whenever possible without compromising taste. Our smoothie preps are meant to be frozen and then added to the blender along with the liquid base of your choice when ready to enjoy. We suggest a base for each smoothie, but you can decide what you like best! Save time, energy and money by not having to gather the ingredients and portion them out. They are fully customizable as you can adjust consistency or add any extra nutrient boosters or protein. 

The bars are packaged using ecofriendly products that are made with polyactide acid (PLA), a lactic acid found in plants and certified compostable. They are FDA approved to come into contact with food. The smoothie preps are packaged in glass containers to guarantee that no harmful chemicals are leached into the contents of the jar, especially during the freezing process. 

Allow Karmatic Kitchen to give your body some LOVE.